The Diary

a poem by Dhirendra Mishra

Like a dictionary when you read meaning in to me
A page in my diary turns.

The sun sinks, the waves sink
The moon comes, the stars peep
A day folds up
In your dishevelled hair.

You turn its pages in the dawn
When the blood in my veins run slow
Your face falls as that of a shady man
Setting a shudder in your spine.

As the East heralds the day
Birds twitter, songs murmur
Buds open
As you roll out of the bed.

The day passes wordless
And the dusk descends in your orchard
In the light of your young rosy cheeks
I sit down to write a page.

Treading on boulders
Rolled in mosses
You snatch the diary
And close it.

The history of a man
With an unknown anecdote
Slips with a thud
And gets buried-

Under your large dark eyes
In a white page.