Hurting You

a poem by Derek Westring

I would never want you to hate me,
For you are the closest thing to heaven
I have ever felt.

You make me feel so complete,
Whenever I am near you.
I just wish I could stop hurting you.

This hurt I put on you is killing me inside,
It makes me just want to die.
I wish I could stop your pain and suffering.

I wish I would have never met you, only to
Stop this pain you have inside caused by
My immature mistakes.

I feel like I should leave you alone only to let
The time pass, and let you relive your life
Without the pain I have caused.

I know we have had our good times…
And we have had our bad times…
But it seems that only bad things happen
between us now, and I want them to stop now.

I guess I am saying good-bye,
for good. Until I see you in heaven,
until that joyous day my friend.

I do love you still to this days end!