A strange Dream

a poem by Uday Ghosal

I often encounter
a strange dream
a topsy-turvy world.

Rivers, hillocks, mountains
plants, trees, all
Children, boys, girls
men, women, young and old
walking, playing,
running around,
river in their eyes,
restless, turbulent, blue.
Some with queer
sharp noses
enigmatic like mountains.
Myriad trees, humans
of all hues
dainty robust
moving around
with flowers and fruits
dispensing jubilant.

Humans contrasting
dump on each other
shape mountains
slide over other
flowing human river
some still
on foothills
dense human forest.

The next moment
wriggling multitudes
getting intertwined vanishing
humans into mountains
mountains into humans
into trees
rivers intermingling
in a puzzling maze
a never ending
cyclic portrait.

I encounter a
strange dream.