Goddess of Rebirth

a poem by Amresh Vashisht

There was a voice at the back of my head
Something that I thought was dead
But, that something started whispering
Things that made me start remembering.

It was eighteen years since I first met you
And that love I first felt was deep and true
But then how large the measurement that my heart can store
A simple telephone call ended the time to ignore.

I thought love was a fairy tale
And just like fairy tales that once upon a time’s a beginning
You were my princess and I was your prince
And now no matter how long the last seventeen years were,

But, now I am confused how I made it clear
That your life’s not my business, I was wrong, and an error begins
And although you started to grow apart from me
I was looking for you with a hope at the skies and on the earth too.

I thought I know what love really means
I thought loves a magic, and can make miracles true
A miracle happen when you told how close was I to your thoughts
And most of all I thought that love is when you say I Love You

I don’t remember had I ever said I love you
I don’t remember had you ever spoken you love me
But, love I realized was there unspoken but alive
It has won the marathon and can never be debated now

Now it’s again in the air
Lapsed, hanging, illogical and unanswerable
It was a lost love but not the last love
True love doesn’t have a happy ending: true love never have an ending

But, there’s just one theory of love in my head
And may be only the dead prove it
Love is not the first time I saw you
Nor the feeling when you said you never forget me

It’s not the nights when I can’t sleep
And see your face in a dream so deep
Love is not the marriage vows
Or can’t it be proven with a family in a house

Love is not a burning flame
And when it’s old it do remember your name
I would not try to explain what love really is
Just to have someone to seal it with a high heart beet

If you want to know what love really is
That is when your life ends, but you can still feel that heart beet.