Poems by
Amresh Vashisht

Our Friendship

a poem by Amresh Vashisht

I want to thank you for always being there.
Our deepest thoughts and feelings we share.
Friends in the beginning,
We’ve become closer through time.
I’ve helped you with your life,
You’ve helped me with mine.
I never thought we’d be such good friends.
I really hope this friendship never ends.
Through good times and bad times, thick and thin,
You’ve been there so much; you’ve become my best friend.
Whether you know it or not, I know the real you,
You deserve the best in life, and whatever you do,
Always remember when things get tough,
You can get through it if you try hard enough.
Life will bring you joys and it will bring you pains,
Just try not to get caught up in the crazy game.
Also, remember that if your love is true,
You can overcome any obstacle thrown at you.
Friends forever I hope we’ll stay.
I love you,
And I thank you for being there for me, each and every day.