Better a Bud

a poem by Devi Nangrani

In the garden of my heart blooms a bud
To see the sight of sights
The never tasted purely nectar of love!

But oh! The bud had none but one
As it’s sweet heart, full of brimming love
And the bud took, gay and joyous colors
Making the lovable heart, it’s destiny
And a place of peace, a solitary home.

Then bloomed the bud into a perfect flower
Nourished by the nectar of love.

But alas! To what end?
The petals by times cruel hands
Lose their color and fade away
The essence so scantly vanishes away.
There lies the fate
Destiny’s plan is done!
To crush the bloom of such an unbloomed bud.

Why call it a flower, a flower that fades?
Better a bud that has its charm
Until it blooms and dies unbloomed.