Life is a Holy Gift

a poem by Devi Nangrani

Wait not for the tides to subside in the ocean
To help you dive deep-with ample precaution.
Wait not for the symptoms of old age or wisdom
To knock you with a shock, that life is a phantom.
Wait not for the ailments of the heart or the head
To obstruct thy search for search of the ‘self’.
Wait not for the miracle to awaken thy slumber
A spiritual slumber that sleeps in a dark chamber.
Wait not for the desire to dwindle or dry
For mushrooms are they, that know not but growth.
Wait not for death or other dreadful debacle
To decay thee forever in a delirious tabernacle.
Wait not for the pleasure or pain of the life
To kindle thy age for a knowledge of the ‘self’.
Life is a gift, a holy gift not for gambling in
But for realization of self from within.