A Doting Husband’s Note

a poem by Rajeev Menon

The simple tune of love I shall call
Do not falter, do not fall
As you tread, may grace befall
Attired like a beautiful doll.

Forever it shall be, as it is now
My eyes shall ardently, only seek thou
Behold in me a volcano of love
Don’t ask me why, don’t ask me how

In the rough and tumble of life’s acme
A passionate heart of love, I render thee
With flowing grace come unto me
I beseech you, that’s my only plea

I long to hold you by your arm
To be mesmerized by your charm
Us a thousand desires shall swarm
Panic not then, cause no alarm

Eagerly I await that starry night
With soul aglow and eyes bright
When your gorgeous sparkle shall ignite
Pure passion with its surging might

Hold I shall your outstretched hand
But do accede to my demand
Let us melt away to fantasy land
Oh! my love, please do understand