When words fail

a poem by Maryse Saldanha

I look past his face out thru’ the window
I fear to look into his eyes
A great storm of unhappiness brews in there
I feel helpless as down sinks my heart
There’s helplessness in his voice
Reach out to him I cannot
I dare not even look for words
As I know not what lay beyond

What can I say to ease all the pain?
What could I do when all seems vain?
Silent I watch all that goes by
People, places, words spoken in the night
I wish just for a moment I wish to be god
Who could reach out my hand with healing touch
Embrace all the burden
Fill happiness in his heart
Bring about new understanding
Let love fill his heart

The silence of the night like a threat imposed
A silent prayer I make for all that o’er him billows