The Phenomenal Lady

a poem by Ayona Sur

She is slow and fragile,
Yet she is strong and going
She is wrinkled and senile,
Yet seeds of love she’s still sowing

Trepidation desists to dwell
In her harmonious sanctuary,
Anxiety’s that she knows too well
But impedes it from making her wary

Death she does not fear,
Since her existence is a Strife,
Vexation in her spirit did always leer
Yet she’s challenging the challenges of life.

Solitude couldn’t break her
Couldn’t rip her godly might of will,
The tempest couldn’t shake her,
Coz with hope the voids of life did she fill.

She knows that she’s crippled,
Yet ignorant is she about it,
So her being is far from stippled
Coz in darkness a candle she lit

Her life’s a story in a quire,
Her life’s a living exemplar
To execute every wish and desire,
Coz life’s the vessel and we the sailor

No end of her eternal enamor,
Nor ceases her gift of love,
Adversity taught her to walk with valor
And find we peace in her caring cove.

Very pious and devout is she,
The vision of Almighty’s ardent panorama
However spiritual she nonetheless be,
She is my dearly loved grandma

Very few reciprocate her affection,
No matter how amorous she is,
She is a visitor of few days now
But there are very few who realize this