Inspire Me

a poem by Sakthi Ravichandran

It is enough my darling
Blood and stains are everywhere
My present memories are too bitter
Inspire me to forget all these litters
I feel bad here to stay for so long
None is here to heal other’s pains
Cruel hearts are laughing and smiling
On other’s wounds and tears
How can I be here for a long?

Inspire me dear to dream the land of paradise
Where warm-hearted people feel for others?
Where there is no tears?
Where I can hear voices of happiness and joy
Take me away, dear, there to stay

Your starry eyes and full moon face
Shall keep me in heaven forever,
Your love and affection is enough
They keep me young forever
Your honey words will ever suffice
To give me happiness and peace
In this land of angels, inspire me dear.