a poem by Renu Khandelwal

The younger bright moon and,
The shimmering of water,
Stir me deep.

The tapestry of life’s,
Joys and sorrows,
Thrum me mad.

And I broke into songs.
As words sing,
Themselves into their places.

The sun shines for the sake of love.
Seeping energy and radiance into my soul.
The shimmering of water,
So that life’s battles and we can stand to fight the battle.

And I know,
A labor of love will not be in vain,
And we will not escape,
Even in slam.

One summer night,
I see the full moon shimmering and
Sailing in the sky.

Sailing swiftly,
Between thin sheets of clouds,
Playing hide and seek with them.

Thinking all this leads me to think over me.
That one day came when I simmering like the young’s moon in the sky.
When I shine like sun in the sky,

But now I only simmering in the sky,
And yet the clouds cover me,
But still I simmering,

Simmering in my own world,
Forever and ever.
And one day came,

When this shimmer converts me into shine,
Like the sun shines in the sky.
For me hope is a walking dream and,
Only I can make my dream Come true,
Because the darkest hour is before the dawn.