a poem by Abhimanyu Tiwary

I often listen to everyone saying
They have seen me somewhere
And so I pierce everyone’s face
If somehow he and me alike.

I stay longer before the mirror
To find if I resemble my yester’
And there, I could find
Alter egos of so many mind.

Everybody resembles me
And I to everybody
With none or little differences-
Too impossible to embody.

Later I realized I were them
I enjoy the tiniest joy like them
I fear the sorrow and the pain
My face portrays grief and elation, Thy game.

I always heed my dear saying-
I look better while smiling
No wonder I smile now even in pain
Who cares, what I have to slain.

Smiling face and with parched eyes
I gape far in the wandering skies
Invite you all my near and dear
Fondle-the solitary me, bring some tear.

I am you and you know you
Then why mesmerized are the two
Share your happiness, the least you can
And you would see the miracle happen.