The song of heart

a poem by Priyadarshini (Chennai)

Silence accompanied- beast and bird
The usual dusk with twilight grey
Seemed to her as glimmering world
She waited for her man with gay.

Lingering music in air
Invades her heart
In the soul, it flares
And the pain retreat.

She woed the tardy spring
When fine breeze laps her round
Listening to a lonely song
“Ruthless nature”, she cursed.

On distant rainbow, fell her eye
Looked as if it bent its arm
Down to earth, from the sky
To lift her up and make so warm.

The memories she percepts
The day her heart sprung-when
Wandered as careless lovers
With endless joy and hand in hand.

With thoughts around him
Casting sight on the way
Awaited she, for the heart to chime
And the words to convey!