Poems by
Abhimanyu Tiwary

I Love You

a poem by Abhimanyu Tiwary

Though I am far away
I know the morning rays
Through the window
Must have been caressing you
With its warmth draped in my love
I swathe them here.

Though I am far away
I know the calmness of the moon
Must have been continuously
Whispering into your ear
My feelings for you
I share with them here.

Though I am far away
I know the pouring rain
Must have embraced you
By hugging you with emotions
Carried by the clouds in the droplets
I conveyed them here.

My love for you is
Eternal like that of Sea
Who can break all barriers
For his heartthrob – the moon
But, for the sake of civilisation.

My love for you is
Pious like that of the droplet
Who can wet the leaf
But, for longer feeling of togetherness.

Shall I say – I Love You
I know I would be meeting
One of the millionth formalities I often do
Even though if you wanna hear
Just whisper the three words in your fourth chamber
And listen the loudest echo you ever heard
“I Love You…”!