Happy New Year

a poem by Gummadapu Narasimha Rao

O God! greet ‘Gaiety New Year’ glorious
Grandeur, Thou gift Tetra Gems gracious,
Good-Mind and Good-Word to gay guild
Good-Thought and Good-Glance as gold.

O Mentor! mend Good-Mind on maxims
Majestic Thou, the marvel of multi miens,
Mould mortals just mirth Minerva mighty
Mellow muses, Thy march out, morbidity.

O Supreme! spur Good – Word to serenity
Saviour Thou sow serene seeds of suavity,
Sway scholastic shrills shall scroll sacred
Salutary sooths, sprout sublimes splendid.

O Almighty! Good- Thought aces axioms
Ardent Thou accredit to acclaim apt aims,
Accord us to adhere adroit allies aft amity
Ascent to all adore Thine alluring affinity.

O Lord! lit Good -Glance looms laudable
Lore Thou! lead us as learned lives liable,
Laurel of light! Thou, lend longings lucid
Let ! Thou lo’Blithe New Year’ as limpid.

The poet adores God to grant four laudable virtues those God Mind, Good Word, Good Thought and Good Glance as precepts, on the eve of Happy New Year and they help mankind in leading sane, suave and serene pious life to promote amity and tranquillity and also make to understand the valuable mottos of life.