Today is the funeral

a poem by Uma

Today is the funeral
Of my own memories
They are going to be buried, alive
In a precious golden casket and lowered into
the deep dark recesses of the mind

Memories that were so joyous once
That invariably would bring a smile to the lips
And a merry twinkle to the eyes
But now the smile has vanished and
The twinkle barely visible
Hidden under the glistening film

Memories which were life once
Seem to be interfering with the present one
And yet there is a wish to cherish them
Hence they are not to be wiped away
But only to be buried with a sad fondness

They will not be allowed to even peep out now
But they will live safe and secure
As a secret treasure lying unawares
And just this knowledge will give me strength
To tread the path even without them