Hundred less ness mess

a poem by Kaavyashri Rao

Wow, seriously, you got hundred?
Aren’t you a genius?
Damn intelligent, better than us.
How did you manage to do this?

Slog in ink, day and night
Sleepless days, sleepless nights
Rote memory comes in play
Only study, Nada play

Next exam, I am ready
My mind, my marks will be steady
Oh no, I got ninety eight
Oh! I rue, I rue my fate

I am nothing now, nothing anymore
I lost my hundred, I’m nothing anymore
I am hundred less now, can’t take it anymore
I am good for nothing, no hundred anymore

A hundred, A hundred
The magical three digit figure
I am hundred less now
What do I do?

You got ninety eight
Said Mamma
So what? Has it ended?
The world?

Only you’ve sobbed and whirled
All this while
While you could’ve moved on
To something worthwhile

Just two marks, all this fuss
Better things to do, please spare us
We don’t need your
Hundred less ness mess

Come on child
There’s a life beyond exams
Life’s tests never give centum
You should be satisfied with trying optimum

Come on, let’s live
Forget your
Hundred less ness stress
Come on!