Poems by
Kaavyashri Rao


a poem by Kaavyashri Rao

Some are posh held by rosewood teak
Some are plain and drab, metallic or steel
During a child’s growing years, they’re at their peak
Their true tale, small saga I shall now reveal
Some are so dusty, even a doctor might sneeze
Some are so light, they may fly with a strong breeze
Some are rough and tough like a carpenters fingers
Some are artsy and fancy the scent of which lingers

One specimen was where the boy who lived survived
Undernourished and underwhelmed
One was a passage for four kids who
Entered when the Snow witch was at helm
Some bounce, like having leg attached to springs
Others screech like angry owls because of hinges
One was Miss Trunchbull’s aid in torture, for naughty students
One thing you’ll never see in cupboards, them being bent

Whether veneer, plain or with polish
Whether filled with books, clothes or a prized fragile dish
One thing is certain
Just like a lock and curtain
They are a must in every house called a home
In reality or fantasy for human or gnome
You definitely need cupboards
For things to be settled and safely stored!