All for your Sparkle

a poem by Alka Jain

When I was a child too small:
To estimate a diamond by its’ cost,
To find its value in carat,
To appreciate it for its cut,
To be amazed by its clarity,
To understand the intricacies of the 4 C’s.

All thee held my gaze was the sudden sparkle!
It made me feel, as if, from somewhere suddenly,
out of darkness, a young girl keep out laughing!
Now, grown up to love and be loved by someone,

I adore the few diamonds which I am proud to own;
like my engagement ring.

With small diamonds engrained to form a circle
They shine brightly and sparkle so!
On the face of my husband’s blushing bride!

Be it the obvious sheen of a lady’s nose stud,
Or the hide and seek of the diamond earrings-
that emerge when you push back your hair,
or the diamond locket, with such a heavenly glare.

To the diamonds sparkles goes all the praise!
It sparkles to bring back the sparkle on your face!