Poems by
Alka Jain

I am talking about love

a poem by Alka Jain

The sharing of love,
the caring of love,
I am talking about-
the daring of love!
Never has there an emotion existed,
which my little heart has never visited;
amidst the various emotions at war-
love emerged innocent and pure!
Love is nothing much,
just a healing touch,
to wounded hearts;
its fragrance is thus!
My life has been an odyssey of love,
from the moment I was born;
When my mother held me tightly in her arms-
all my fear was gone!
The joy of love!
Sweet poise of love!
I am talking about-
that voice of love!
I am basking in the warmth of love;
My heart resembles that white dove,
sublime, serene and secure,
love is above all, simply above!