The truth behind colour

a poem by Natasha Girglani

Colours – bright and dark
Bringing life to the lifeless,
to millions of hearts
felicity they do bless,
but as per God’s creations,
every better has a worse,
Thus, many a time, deceptive they may be
leading to the warpath of inequality,
for colour is the chief factor
of today’s perpetual grief,
a parent to the bairn
of strife and misbelief
in unity, peace and divine parity.

Like a deep shadow inundating humanity
with unexculpate superiority
that overshadows compassion, consideration and love
in the hearts of those who assume
amongst all – they stand above.

‘A saviour – we need’, in abundance we hear,
being saviours ourselves, is what we fear.
Extinguish this fear and enmity,
light the candles of love and equality
let the brightness spread around
and hearts shall discover the fruits of content,
as brotherhood achieves it’s precious intent.