Poems by
Natasha Girglani

Me, myself and insanity

a poem by Natasha Girglani

Crude is a life of pure impulse
Restriction breeds this control
Perpetually I see myself living
Through eternity, I’m losing control.

Why do I feel so hollow today?
Why is it vision that seeks me?
Why is it that I see through the eyes of the night?
What is it, that I’m trying to avoid?
Am I void of feelings,
Or are feelings void of I?
It’s a fact… this morning, the night is alive.

What do you see in these eyes of mine?
All I see are dreams and the tears that I cry
Heart, please forgive me, I didn’t mean to ignore
What you’ve been screaming out
Till the damn words echo.
Now that we’re here,
Hold on tight,
We’ll go, real slow…