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a poem by Christuraj Alex

O, Blue! Blazing like precious sapphire or Tanzanite pure,
Or the blueness baking and basking the seas and allure;
Like divine rays spreading within cells and leading to depths,
Rendering calmness and serenity as though pure breaths!

Like treasures within the earth, healing is hidden in you;
As tempests or storms, or cyclones, power is pouring too!
Just like tranquilizers, you calm our brain and nerves and veins;
The healing power in you releases our psychic pains!

You’re signs of decorum, devotion, and dedication,
And symbolize understanding and determination;
When digging out the deepest roots of human histories,
Therapists find you a revealer of true mysteries!

The Indian truths find you pervading the Visudha,
Like a chain linking the neck, hands and arms, and throat chakra;
Welling up into peace of mind and positive feelings,
And paving within intense insights and sincere dealings!

It’s hence, O Blue I admire you! As a color relaxing!
Mending human hearts and minds and keeping them from taxing!
As the color shining, yet, cool and calm in the rainbows;
Mingling the elements and rhythm of the cosmos!