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a poem by Christuraj Alex

My Muriel eco-garden, in itself, is a universe –
A poem of flowery-rich unfinished-free-verse

Plants of creepers, climbers, herbs, and shrubs –
All lacily intertwining, linking, mingling-hubs

Divinely-looking just as the mixed milky-way
Perfectly-patterned and dished on a silver tray

Himalayan poppies just as aquamarine-adorned
Red ranunculus as nonetheless crimson poured

Zinnia, cymbidium, gladiolus, immaculate-dianthus
Pure-looking just like perfectly-brewed-chartreuse

Snapdragons, labyrinths, tulips, and dew-daffodils –
All coral-colored and co-existing with no hurdles

Cosmos, chrysanthemum, and red-flamingo-pigtail
A blend of lavender-lemon-lilac-watermelon-cocktail

Gloriosa Superba’s hallucinating power-beam
As saffron as an Indian sanyasis’ dhoti’s gleam

Alstromeria, bird of paradise and colorful carnation
My garden has, indeed, every angel’s collaboration

A colorful garden, indeed, is an explicit expression
Of God’s kingdom’s eternally enriching evolution.