Eternal Night

a poem by Maryse Saldanha

I eagerly await for sundown
For the moment of pleasure with it that dawns
A time to leave all world behind
And be with him, in a world only mine

I count each moment every second that builds
Pleasure awaits me, sweet moments of bliss
In his arms my world just him and me
Tender moments of love when he drowns in me

His gentle lips on my body feel
Pristine drops of rain, that revive and heal
His comforting touch to my senses reveals
Dewy gladness and joy that fill my being

Every pore in my body yearns for his touch
As his hot velvet tongue evokes in me lust
His gentle loving, his soulful eyes
Takes me beyond to experience new high

Leave the world behind, let all time stand still
As in your arms I savour sweet bliss
Just you and me in the eternal night
Making sweet love in the moonlight