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She is beautiful

a poem by Priyanka Sharma

She is never too thick or plum
It’s just that she wears universe across her waist line
And and the discernible glam of the Venus over thighs
Her dimensions are not as fade and thin as that of a cotton stretch
Just because she gave all of her to you in a single respiratory step

She’s never been unfair to you with a dark complexion on her either of the wrists
’cause she is a beautiful embodiment of a dusky vintage, illuminated, golden lamp
With the fiercely possessions of SHAKTI in her hands

Don’t misinterpret the deep red stain through her vagina
Because volcano eruption is just a mere miniature representation of her agony
Wrapped along piousness and a heart composed of serene

She is a perfect amalgamation of emotions and wisdom
While creating its part in the charm of her womb
She is complete and whole of all things abstract in a mathematical expression
And the most stable state beyond a threshold of a vigorous chemical reaction