a poem by Sushmita Bhattacharya

Favorites are very very few;
And is this not really true?
Coz, minds matches with only those;
Whom you think is eligible to be close.

They are those at whom you could believe;
At the same time, have fun and talk something silly.
Trust and confidence forms the crux of the relation;
And any misunderstanding could lead to its demolition.

But the favorite should also realize;
That the well-wisher could also give advice.
And if at all, any type of difference occurs;
It should be sorted without avoiding communication.

One should understand that very few are loved;
Without any expectation and immediate feedback.
So one should enjoy every moment and have fun;
Without caring for those, who are of least concern.

So at last, I would like to mention;
That one should respect all types of relation.
Whether one is, favorite’s relative or a friend;
It should hardly matter and never lead to repentance.