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a poem by Teesha Guliana

“What is forever?”
A little one asked.
I smiled, “forever!”
He said, ”Yes.”

“In this tiny world,
For me,
In this huge world,
For you,
You may find some,
Who will say, forever lasts long,
It never ends to be gone.

You may find others,
Fewer in the ratio,
Who will say, forever does not exist little one!

Forever is a word,
Forever is an emotion
It makes feelings immortal,
It can make the world, a model.

Forever is our soul,
Which lies beneath the earthly body.
Forever is the heart,
Which is thumping loudly.

Forever only lasts,
As long as we live.
Forever is for us,
For the mortal, till we’re free.

Forever is a mark,
Which a person leaves behind.
Leaving behind a trail of forever,
Or maybe never ever.

Forever is the future,
It is for always.
Forever is permanent,
It lasts long honey.

Forever is an everlastingly eternal feeling,
Which goes from the cradle,
To the grave.

Forever is for infinity,
And it will never fail,
To leave you amazed.”