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Who is Lord Ram?

a poem by Swarit Verma

Once a boy asked me
Who is Lord Ram
Tell me everything of him about?
Tell me Sir
Is he a King?
Or is he a God?
Tell me about his abode?

I replied

Giver and taker of life
Thine the beauty
Thine the divine
He is the sunset
He is the sunshine
Nurturing the soul
Nurturing the body
Ultimate God
Ultimate demon
He is the the male
He is the feminine
A cow
A snake
Or any living being
Lord resides in everything
In the waves of sea
On the heights of sky
On the grassy land
Or in the forest wild
Near a river
Or a dry land
He resides everywhere
In my truth or in your false
In my silence or in your noise
Lord resides in every voice
In the temple
In the mosque
He resides in different forms
In your knowledge
In your way
He stays
A lot is their
A lot is due
But the ultimate answer, Lord resides
In you