The Beauty of Moonlit Night

a poem by Saima Afreen

Sitting near the lake I see a bright tinge appear in the middle
As in the sombre blue sky comes the moon in her chariot of pearl
Girting her silvery hue around groves of mango trees
While mango-foliages sway in cool summer breeze;
On tiny flowers showers the moon her rays glittering
Before whom look tarnished millions of stars twinkling,
The little flowers sip ethereal silver drops of the moon
And in ecstacy of opening their petals pretty they swoon;
Dance the waves of the lake glistening like molten silver
And the dark night becomes a beautiful painting in silver;
The beautiful night makes me feel as if I were in Eden
Free from the ugliness of this world revealing Beauty arcane,
My soul beholds Beauty in her pure divine light
That flashes and makes me pen the beauty of moonlit night.