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Tips on Thirukkural

a poem by Christuraj Alex

Sea in a
Small pot;
Sun in a
Small dot…
Sky in a
Stars in a
It’s a stream;
It’s a dream;
It’s a treasure;
It’s a pleasure…

Touch it once
You will feel as though
The Bible has
Taken another flow…
Words just seven
In a line;
Giving meanings
Many a million…
Meter minimum
Music many;
Murmuring of this
Makes melody…

Total Kual counts
One thousand and
Three hundred and
Thirty poems profound…
Tamil Holy Book
As it’s known;
This is an ocean whose
Depth is still unknown…

(Thirukkural – verses of wisdom – written by an ancient Tamil poet, Thiruvalluvar.
This was composed between 450 to 500 CE)