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a poem by Teesha Guliana

There’s a thing about dream catchers,
Which is insanely pure.
The mere sight of the net,
Soothes the eyes from far.

It mindlessly dances,
And mingles along with the wind.
Unaware of its effects all around,
With its unique dancing.

It is said to bring,
Positivity all around.
But does it not,
Bring happiness knowing no bound?

It’s insanity,
Brings a twitch within the lips.
It creeps onto a smile,
Onto the face,
With hands on our hips.

The way it moves,
Round and round,
Makes our mind,
Spin around!

And the feathers,
Soft as eyelashes,
Caress the skin,
Tickling your hands,
And the chin!

Dream catchers may have been,
Set up to catch fantasies.
The mindless dreams,
Those amazing imaginative,
Which calm the mind,
Amidst the chaos.

And the nightmares,
Which create havoc,
Flow away with the wind,
Or just get caught,
In the net whiling away,
With the cool breeze.

But their innocence,
And the madness,
Have always left me in awe,
And will always,
Leave me grasping for more…