Something like her

a poem by Coool

I always wanted something like her,

That long body in the traditional sari
And the hair packed neatly behind,

That broad forehead with a polka Maroon
And those small eyes with so much in mind,

Her tender feet with the small toes
Always remind of ME & U.

I don’t wanna loose cause she will be mine
May be for me she is perfect NINE.

I pray O God give me all her pain
Please don’t make my efforts go in vain.

O God I pray again, give me all her tears
Give her strength so she may not fear

I always wanted something like her!

Those dark circles below her eyes
Reminds me of suffering and cries,

Why is there pain when there is so much love?

Love? Where is love?

Open your eyes honey and look around you
Affection and joy have been waiting for you.

Close that cracked door on your back
And forget what all happened in your past

If anyone is to be worshiped that is you
Cause you are the mother and the loving few

I swear, I swear, I swear on you,
I always wanted something like you!