a poem by Aishwarya

When clouds begin to beckon us,
To a mysterious, lovely unreachable place,

When dormant minds begin to touch,
The pinprick of a disturbing quest,

When skies above command us,
To just gaze on, for magic could appear,

When green fields and olive leaves,
Gently dance in the summer breeze,

When a warm gust of marine wind,
Makes us feel that we belong,

When the vermillion sun dives deep below,
Silhouetting us against its dying flames,

When the sands of a lonely shore,
Befriend us with silent oneness,

When a sudden elusive flash of thought,
Lashes, on us, Truth, like a muslin whip,

When meteors rain on a delirious night,
Allowing us a dream of the pacific paradise,

When a solitary bird twitters away,
And makes us love the way we feel,

When drops of love rain on us,
Jarring, in us, the reign of a stubborn cynic,

When temple bells manage to wrench,
Out of existence, the discord within,

When a silent crystal waterfall,
Evokes in us the lazy truant,

When the treble of an innocent child,
Makes us think, behind and beyond,

When Life drizzles her smile on us,
And plays a mysterious game of ‘hide and seek’,
Where hope and fear appear and disappear,
And waves of fortune ebb and flow,

When a sudden feeling of well being,
Electrifies our countenance in blue streaks,

It is then that we touch the stunning fragility,
Of the wonders that are stalled on our road,
It is then that the oyster of life
Begins to show us her pearl!