Bathing Mangoe Tree

a poem by Ramachandran Nair R

Rain has come,
Monsoon rain,
Torrential rain,
Terrorising the mangoe tree,
Living in judges’ compound,
Full of tender mangoes,
Seldom found,
During this season,
Monsoon season.

While judges are away,
Torrential rain came,
Terrorising the mangoe tree,
To give up its hold,
On tender mangoes,
That everyone watched daily,
From across the compound wall,
Watering the mouth,
For the mangoes beyond reach.

What a torrential rain!
Older leaves have all fallen,
All dusts have been washed away,
Giving the mangoe tree,
A fresh natural look,
A matchless beauty indeed.

What a torrential rain!
What a beautiful mangoe tree!
Worth sitting and watching for hours,
Without getting bored and tired,
With the windows wide open,
Without the judges knowing,
What a matchless naked beauty,
Water washed and soaked mangoe tree,
With no shame being constantly watched.

Rain! Rain! Rain!
Please don’t go away,
As I am still watching,
And love watching,
Bathing mangoe tree,
Underneath God provided shower,
That has no match in the world.