Poems by
Ramachandran Nair R

I am a drop

a poem by Ramachandran Nair R

I am a drop,
as I am water;
I am water,
as I am air.

I am ocean,
as I am made of drops;
drops are of water,
and water is of air.

As I am ocean,
there are waves,
waves are there,
as there is wind,
wind is there,
as there is air.

As the wave remembers ocean,
I remember my Cosmic Family,
one family to lean on
and experience the bliss invaluable.

Cohesion and cooperation of drops
make the ocean what it is;
blue colour of ocean,
blends well with blue colour of the sky,
and remain inseparably one.

As I am wave,
I rise up to greater heights,
to hug and kiss the sky,
then come down and move on
to prostrate on Mother Earth,
as I am born on this earth
and I am earthly.

When earth is so humble,
why should I not be the same?
shedding all pride in me
adding unwanted weight
to have a great fall one day
tearing me into innumerable pieces
to get easily mixed up with the earth
to be inseparably one
as to ocean of drops.

As I am worthy child of the Mother Earth,
I lean on one family – cosmic family,
and experience the bliss,
all long for to live long.