Poems by
Subhankar Das


a poem by Subhankar Das

God! Are you blind?!!
Can’t you see the miseries?
The poor suffer on the streets
And some demons enjoy these sceneries
From their luxurious mansions!
Those mansions! Those despotic mansions
Which sacrificed thousands of
Solitary huts to take birth!!
Those luxurious palaces
Which sucked the blood and sudor
Of thousands of helpless workers
To get built up!!
Those mansions, those palaces
Are standing over the graves of
Poor, oppressed men!
Oh, my lord! Oh Almighty!
Won’t you make us free?
Just open your eyes and see!!!

Tyranny rules the world
And Poverty enslaves it!
Some live-in heavenly chambers,
And others search for shelters.
Some sleep there restfully
And others pass sleepless nights!

Is this the world you dreamt for?

The sketch you prepared
Has turned a torn-out canvas!
The fantasy you arranged
Has turned a dreadful nightmare!!
The heaven you created
Has turned a melancholic hell!!!
Oh merciful!
Grief has surpassed pleasure.
Turmoil has surpassed peace.
Won’t you spread some glee?
Please, open your eyes and see!!!

Desire darkens the world,
And hatred accompanies it!
Destruction removes tranquility
And Greed exceeds humanity!
Children cry and shout
But no one wipes their tears!
People shout in hunger
But no one listens their screaming!

Oh father! Oh compassionate!!
Wipe their tears and bless their lives

Clouds of oppression have Covered
The rays of hope.
Dusk of intolerance has shadowed
the dawn of freedom!!
Lights have flickered and quenched forever
Darkness has prevailed and drown out the world!
This fire will make us flee!
Please, open your eyes and see!!
Please, open your eyes and see!!
Please, open your eyes and see!!