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A Lower Middle Class Housewife

a poem by Sankhajit Bhattacharjee

‘They stopped my service.
My body created another life.
I ate less, worked more, my deficiencies passed on…..
I cooked, I nursed, I reared up, I looked after…..
What I got? Nothing expect
three times meals, two sarees per year…..
Your success is my success,
I lost belief in individual success.
You go ahead, I’ll smile.
You fall behind, I’ll cry.
I’m just your shadow-
not a human of flesh and blood,
not a consciousness-
your existence is my existence.
I’ve lost my dignity
from life, from family, from you…..’-
a lower middle class housewife uttered,
while tears rolled down her cheeks.
Her husband and son became ever silent.
She added: ‘Women are not street dogs,
you will kick them out when not needed
and call them during need.’
They became ever silent like a graveyard.