Poems by
Subhankar Das

The World Without You

a poem by Subhankar Das

The dark night has turned darker!!
Storm clouds have draped
All the rays of faith!
Unseasonable rain has swept away
All the glitters of love.
Those birds who captivated and mesmerized
The whole surrounding with chirping sound,
Don’t sing anymore!!!
Your absence has squeezed out
All the glee from this land of serenity!!!!

The emerald wind which
Blew all over the stretch
Has unmindfully stopped blowing!
The redolent flowers which allured the whole valley
With their enthralling fragrance have
Turned dull and scentless!!
The twinkling stars don’t look
As bright and shimmering as before.
Your dearth has robbed
All the peace from this land of tranquility!!!

Tears don’t drop down my eyes anymore!
Your severance has sucked all my tears.
This darkness doesn’t haunt me anymore!!
Your grief has made me stronger and stronger.
But when sun sets down and
A golden dusk surrounds the whole valley,
Your memories convulse my heart
And my tears stop not!!!
Your paucity has shrunk this
Land of pacification!!!!!

Birds are cackling for your sight.
The static wind is waiting for
The accompaniment of your breath!
Gloomy flowers are maddening
To get your fragrance!!
Depressed stars are weeping
for your luster.
And my heart is crying
To see you!!
The world without you is
Worthless to me my lord!!!
Worthless, listless, loveless