Poems by
Sonam Arora

Woman, Make it Happen

a poem by Sonam Arora

All the women out there
We are in a world of opinions
But always remember
Nobody has lived your dreams
Nobody has heard your screams
Be it pain or a foreseen gain
Nobody would know you, ever
Your pain is known to you
Nobody can live it
The traces will remain with you forever

Your pain is only known to you
So you can kill it
The hope in you, keep it alive
Every day and every night
Cos its your life
Do not wait for your knight
Get up, Get up honey
The dreams are still in your eyes
Wipe your tears and
Make your dreams your life

People talk and laugh
But their stories and logic
will not survive
If you keep your aspirations set high
Their opinion should not stop you
Let their stories be told
But not let you mold
Cos your victories will not be sold
Do not wait for a miracle
Get up and make it happen