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When eyes speak

a poem by Remadevi G

I went to a small hotel on the way far
Took a seat beside window near
One boy came in the dress code smart
With his cell phone, took order fast

I told some dishes in menu as viewed
And looked at the boy’s face and smiled
As his eyes were not bright when met mine
I felt a thin layer of suppressed pain
Expressed he just trying not to reveal
For sake of his duty, inner regrets feel
He realised well I noticed his grief
He tried to smile but his lips so stiff

The boy turned to get my food ordered
I forget hunger for the boy’s face dejected
Searched and floated his upset reasons
For his eyes reflected evident the distress
He might be hungry, did he eat food
Some illness that forced to get ignored
Away from home parents might not rich,
Too young for other personal sorrows high
Or he would not like the work or place
And stood there only for subsistence…
My mind wandered over it again
As a mother of grown up children…

The dishes served by another guys
The boy was there for other orders
Observed him again while taking food
When he noticed, for seconds gazed
His continence widened a little
I smiled, he attempted for a pale smile…

When l left, in front of the reception door
The boy was standing beside the counter
My looks came as in a long acquaintance
My profound smile, brightened his face
This time he gave a heartfelt smile
Rays of pleasure lightened a while
But I knew not, why a streak of pain
Felt in my nose and tears filled in eyes…