Poems by
Samiksha Chaudhary


a poem by Samiksha Chaudhary

Suspect: Present
Name : XYZ
Mental status: Altered

Blink. Blink.

Don’t think.

Thinking is injurious to health.
It leads to psychological addiction
more complex than a morbid condition.
It hits you so bad
that your heart starts skipping beats.
Hands turn cold
and so your feets
as if winter is here
but just for you.
Body starts to freeze;
turns weak,
knees secured and locked,
raising pale pallor into the cheek.
Voice turns down,
dilated pupils,
rapid pulse,
racing breath.
Exaggerated impulse
leading to an emotional outburst
Head starts to hurt.
Typically resulting into a attack
of a billion thoughts rushing to the brain
with the speed of a tachyon.
Wait. Let me carry on.

“My life is upside down because
she loves me; the dark lonely night,
she thinks I’m a star and so
never turns into a daylight.
One more thing loves me more than myself
Death I guess,
like a magnet it pulls me
closer to herself.
Am I anxious or overwhelmed or pressurized or strained or irritated or terrified or
or may be just numb?
Yes, maybe just numbed.
Am I okay?
Do I need to get repaired?
I saw this was coming then why am I
still not prepared.”

I got carried away.

Disclaimer: All the characters and incidents mentioned are imaginary,
resemblance to any person dead or alive is purely coincidental.
“Coincidences are rare but it happened to me.”

What? Are you thinking again
about disclaimer in the end.
Remember. I’m living my life in vain.

Interrogation: Complete
Found convict
declared guilty of a suicidal offence
by the verdict of the jury
and now will serve a sentence of imprisonment.