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Manage Your Depression, How to be Stress-free?

a poem by Bijay Kant Dubey

Why to be depressed,
Lighten yourself, gentleman,
Smile, smile you please
As I haven’t seen you smiling, laughing
For many days.
Why to be tense?
Free you yourself.

God has given you this beautiful life,
Do not destroy it
With depression, stress, fear.

Sometimes close the eyes
And forget you
Who you are
In this huge crowd
Of life.
This will give you,
Give you
Mental peace, peace.

Smile you
As I haven’t,
Haven’t seen you smiling,
Smiling for so long.
Smile, smile you
From your heart,
Laugh, laugh
From your heart.

If you feel sleeplessness
Go to bed with a book
And you will
With the book
Lying flung open
And you taking sound sleep,
If you have to forget something,
See you, you the flower
Smiling and saying to something.

Learn to compromise
Even though the situations
Are adverse.