Poems by
Haimnauth Ramkirath

A Smear to Every Faith and Creed

a poem by Haimnauth Ramkirath

When places hallowed by the names of God
temples, synagogues, mandirs, and mosques
become scenes of gruesome murder
of children, men, and women in prayer,
then the world must know
it’s a crime against humanity
the evil that confounds reason and understanding,
yet its hideous head keeps raising
and now even in unexpected places
to unleash its agenda of violence and hatred.

This naked evil thrives on tribal fear and division
so blind to every human feeling and emotion
a smear on every faith, creed, and nation,
and as the king of the jungle
will never yield to a mere jackal
or the mighty Atlantic be swallowed
by a filthy crooked wayward stream,
we must send a message clear and loud
that to evil and fear, we will never bow.