Poems by
Haimnauth Ramkirath

So baffling to understand

a poem by Haimnauth Ramkirath

Many lost, sad, depressed and unhappy
Cannot break free from their self–made captivity,
As if many inner demons to battle
Each one menacing and odiously dark,
And when they no more can withstand
Their lives they take; so baffling to understand.

What would cause someone
To snuff out with his own hands,
The human life, divine and cherished
The greatest gift from the Highest,
When so many in untold pain and sorrow
Intensely struggle to see the morrow?

Do not judge as many would do
Even the strong and illustrious end their lives too,
Until you can fathom their mind and heart
It’s best to refrain from any insidious remark,
Try to understand, and give a helping hand
To those who in the darkness of depression stand.

The deeper anguish on their faces reveal
Though to the world they try to conceal,
Often in silence they daily suffer
None privy to their turmoil unrelenting
Can see no way, no turn, no light coming
But the fall of darkness, ominous and foreboding.

Think not that you are too clever and sturdy
For depression in your mind to make an entry,
As lightening often strikes at the tallest oaks
We must all be on guard and ever judicious,
For who knows what forces may conspire
To bring us to a sudden and dark quagmire.

And when in the throes of depression and despair
Seek to lift yourself through God’s redeeming Grace,
Leaving all aside, pour forth your heart and soul
Like a child, as you have never done before,
And a certain calm will enter into your being
As real and substantial as anything to be seen.