Poems by
Ashwini Pandhare

Reason and Passion

a poem by Ashwini Pandhare

Just when we were at the crossroads
passion called out,

“Come, let us be partners in crime.
Whatever will be, will be.”

“Wait, you are not free. You cannot leave.
It is not just about being yourself.”
warned reason.

“Come on, let us follow the stardust under the stars.
Be my soulmate.” whispered passion.

“Don’t please don’t give up on me.
Let it pass away. Letting go is one of the
bravest things you can do.” pleaded reason.

“Living with me will be a dream come true.”
insisted irresistible passion.

“Don’t play with the fire. Don’t listen to him.
A flame like that may burn your loved ones.”
said reason.

That did the trick.
Reason prevailed.
Let passion melt into reason.
Decided We.