Poems by
Ashwini Pandhare

What is it?

a poem by Ashwini Pandhare

“What is it? Where is mankind?”
the sky was wondering.

“What is it? Why Mother Earth is crying?”
the clouds were whispering.

“Is this what I get for all my love and care?
Why do I have to bury my own children?”
questioned Mother Earth.

“Worked too long for you all.
Start working for yourself.”
yawned God before going to take a nap.

The human world started to crumble.
At the sound of it the mankind woke up from
the slumber.

Let us figure this out, said all.
Not a warlike situation.
Not a dispute of language.
And no religion too.
The Universe is testing us.
All we need is a spirit that will keep the human
race alive.

Let us fall in love with being alive.
Let us find our way back to dear Nature.
Let us live, let live and grow old together.
So that
Our greatest fight will become our greatest victory.