Radiance in darkness

a poem by Chohen Xavier

Engulfed in darkness I stand;
Pondering the terrors to withstand.
The worries of my heart I try to understand
The pain in my mind, I pledged to comprehend
The one’s I love aren’t near
The fear of being alone, won’t allow me shed a tear.

I can’t bear the burden of this yoke
But have no one to invoke
In this dark hour;
The cool breeze can’t touch my heart; for the love of the ones I loved turned cold
The twinkling of stars can’t captivate my thoughts,
For my heart is trembling with the treason of my beloved
The light of the moon can’t radiate me for deep within me there is nothing but darkness
But there is one match stick at this desultory threshold
The stick of hope, the only thing I can stick on to,
I wish to find a reason to move on
A candle to ignite with the tiny spark of the stick
But fear is mightier than hope,
The fear of being defeated in the pursuit of truth
The fear of my hope being devoured by the grinding teeth of hard hidden fact
I resolved to change my face for I can’t face the things to come
For grave is their outcome
Deep breaths I take, hoping for better morrow I rest
But the fear finds no rest and the truth doesn’t stop its mockery.