Poems by
Thareja Priyavrat

The Good Great God!

a poem by Thareja Priyavrat

The Good Old Man!
Ah! With a long beard!
Think it to be as white as one can?
Or kind of Purity one may have heard!
A perception of perfection in His clan,
Is omni present, without ever being searched?

That is the ‘Guru’ of my dreams,
With an aura of 450 kilometers,
He gives me strength and the heat,
Like a Sun, in comparison to all heaters.
At Your beck and call has been my entire heart beat,
Something which can’t be measured by all meters!

Well! You the Good Old Man,
As a perfect planner, you armored various Gurus,
To invade the sins out of the canvassed ‘Plan’
By carrying the invisible ‘torched’ flame through,
Let all world be humble, say, orchestrates by all fans,
Of which you are the conductor, we all think so!

That is why you are so vital and so loving,
Absorbing, exonerating, pardoning, and unfailing,
Hence I must remember you as often as I should!
For ‘You’ and ‘Your’ effects are so goooooooooood,
The louder I said, more humbly, and as fast as I could,
The transformation occurred God! Hurrying from Good!