One almighty in all forms

a poem by Ramesh T A

Divine Lord of Gita advises all to live life of yoga:
Profit or loss, success or failure, joy or sorrow,
Never be too happy or too sorrowful in the extremes of life
To wade through the woes of life and the worries of the world!

With the Knowledge of the Self, World, Nature and God
Restraining one’s desire, passion, avarice and jealousy
Use Intelligence to understand the world and act in life
For the Service of the poor, which is really love in action!

Following Honest policy only in the execution of ideas
Non-attached to material benefits, comforts and power
As desired by the Romantic Almighty in the form of Nature
One realises one Almighty in all forms of manifestations.

With what have you come into the world to take away
With you to the other world while leaving this world?
So, you have to leave the world also as you have come!
Innocent and pure you came, and pure and perfect you go!

What has already happened is for good only, think,
What is happening is also for good only, believe,
And what will happen will also for good only, sure!
So, what have you lost to worry about in this world?

Love and non-attachment Almighty has advised to follow;
Buddha formulated non-attachment to solve all worries;
Jesus formulated love to live with no enemies in the world;
And Gandhi formulated non-violence to achieve one world!

So, non-attachment, non-violence and non-alignment are for
Achieving political, social and cultural freedom in the world!
Attaining all for giving them to all is Culture and Divine Love,
The only means to free oneself of from all bondages to Nirvana!