Idea is all

a poem by Ramesh T A

Knowledge, Vision, Ambition
And Achievement are the process of life;
Experiments, observations and inferences
Form the Idea of truth;
Only Plan helps Implementation and Execution
Of Idea to achieve Objective!

Love was God;
Then Truth was God;
Now Science is God!

First Matter/Mind was everything;
Then Reason was everything;
Finally Idea is everything forever!

Philosophy has become Religion;
Literature has become Culture;
And Art has become Dream!

Idea is Man, World, Religion and Science;
Krishna, Christ and Allah are not God;
Only Idea is God including Man, World and Nature!

Fortune makes venture success
With the sequence of Idea, Time and Money;
Misfortune obliterates hard work
Without the sequence of Idea and Time;
With Idea only man can memorably manipulate
Fate and Misfortune to Success!