Poems by
Tesh Nair

Angst – Kiss of Death

a poem by Tesh Nair

Broken arrows, missed targets;
Confused plans, lost hope.
Unseen tears of an empty heart,
A life ahead to cope.

It is torment, it is misery;
Each moment a fight.
Days shrouded in darkness,
Will there ever be light?

Shadows of time make fun
Of a forgettable past, lived and gone.
Nothing left but a whimper,
And pain deep inside the bone.

Deliberations of an empty mind, and
Struggled existence in each breath.
Worrying anticipation of a kiss,
The final kiss of death.

Unpleasantly afar that too be;
Wonder when it will be time
To lie down and finally sleep,
Memories sheltered in melting rime.